Monthly Archives: September 2014

Karen, a very short story

“Karen…..Karen” He bangs the phone on the handrail on the seat in front of him, not so hard that it would further damage it but hopefully hard enough to rectify the audio problem. “Hello…can you hear me”, again the line line drops. He shakes his head and dials again, if only he could speak to her perhaps he could initiate a reconciliation, gain some forgiveness. “Karen….Karen, are you there”, again the line drops, perhaps she already knows everything and it’s too late and there will no opportunity to give his side of the story. He shakes his head again and once again bangs the phone, a little harder this time. The scratches and cracks on the screen suggests there could be damage, but it was fine earlier. He looks to the roof and ponders, is the phone broken or the relationship, he dials again…..