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Boxer Mail App Review

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I love apps and the opportunity to try a new one is always welcome and the next new app for me is Boxer.

I moved away from Mail on my iPhone as soon as I could as it always felt limited in operation.
The first app I tried was Mailbox which was a definite improvement but not the finished article in my opinion.
I downloaded Boxer a few days ago and I liked it instantly it integrates with Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Linkedin and Sanebox (as opposed to Mailbox only having Dropbox support), as an avid user of Dropbox and Evernote this was a real plus point. Operation is intuitive and allows you to triage email by swiping left and right to either archive, delete or apply actions, add to a to do list. The range of options in the actions list is impressive with Like, send to Evernote, Delete and a set of quick replies amongst the choices allowing you to be very productive in dealing with email, all the swipe options are customisable. I especially like the quick responses which are also customisable so if there’s a particular reply you frequently use you can add it.

I hadn’t encountered Sanebox but it looks an interesting prospect claiming to be able to filter out spam and unwanted email which is all at your control, it’s certainly something I will be trying soon. I’m already a big fan of Boxer and can see it being my main mail app on my iPhone for some time, they only issue I’ve encountered so far is the when I use a bluetooth keyboard with Boxer the on screen keyboard drops away but the tool bar remains in the centre of the screen but I’m sure this will be resolved shortly.
If you are disenchanted with your current mail experience on the iPhone and are looking for a better alternative I would definitely recommend Boxer.