Monthly Archives: July 2013

Sleeping in the heat

Over the last few weeks the temperature has been steadily climbing to the point now where it never drops below 25ยบ during the night. I can remember this from holidays in my youth but the tactics I employed then to ensure a good nights sleep don’t translate to well to the life style of a 44 year old. I could I suppose try to turn back time and and go out clubbing until the early ours safe in the knowledge that frantic dancing and heavy alcohol consumption would ensure instant sleep upon contact with my bed, but i don’t think this is sustainable. We have air conditioning in our room and have happily used it in hotels in the past but I feel that long term use can’t be healthy so we are determined to acclimatise to the heat. The first two weeks has been challenging with fitful sleep and a sticky sensation over the skin which is definitely not conducive to waking fully rested the next day. However the introduction of a fan seems to have done the trick as my sleeping now seems to have returned to normal. I’ll report back periodically as I don’t know if the heat has reached it’s peak or not yet!